Saturday, December 27, 2008


We all know by now Holiday sales were low and now it is time to take
advantage for our Couture kids of course...
With so many sales it is hard to fund where you want to shop...So luckily I have found the best stores....of course you have Neiman Marcus, with a extra 40% off the sale price you cannot go wrong there...I find the Juicy Couture & Little Marc have the best deals right now...
Little Luna blue is having a fantastic sale and when I'm done blogging I will submit my order..Catimini, Oilily all on sale and it is one of the best places to shop for your couture kiddos.
Old navy and Gap also have great sales right now, and what I love about Gap and Old navy is you can mix and match them with boutique brands to create the most stylish look....and save money...
More to come soon....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's that time of the year...Let the shopping begin!

Oh, yes that time! The stress of being (dare I say it) Santa's find the best toys and make all those couture kids in your life filled with happiness on Christmas morning...If this is under the tree (or on the side) your little space loving cuties will be thrilled..move over ugly used cardboard boxes, there is a new clubhouse or should I say rocketship in town...giggle

Could this be anymore adorable? Let your Child's creativity soar with this customizable rocket ship and to top it off it is eco-friendly cardboard that's made of recycled secondary fiber!
Available at

Monday, October 20, 2008

The best hair Clips..ever

I have to admit this one fact, I'm addicted to buying hair clips for my Daughter's..How can anyone not have huge collections of hair clips??

The No slippy hair Clippy has been my favorite for years and they keep getting better. You can find any design you can think of on their website and they quality is amazing. I truly love the no slippy hair clippy company, they make my daughter's hair a bit more beautiful!

Available at

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Couture Aprons make everything more fun!

This adorable apron even makes ME want to cook. From the boutique brand "Lucy and Michael". Perfect for cooking all the holiday cookies with Mom and fantastic for art projects. I wish schools would require fashionable aprons for children rather then the primary color unflattering one's they have now..(yuck)

These awesome aprons (boys and girls alike) are available at

along with several other adorable must-haves...such as their fabulous play tents.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's so easy being green

Although Kermit the frog found that it in fact was not easy being green, I'm surprisingly finding it easy to go green. With adorable bottles like this, you can be green and BPA free in one easy step.

The BPA-free bottles from Green to Grow are amazing. Priced from 7.99 they come in 5 oz and 10 oz size with wide neck and regular neck.

Green to Grow baby bottles are made from PES plastic, which gives them a unique natural golden color. Best of all they are free of phthalates and free of bisphenol A – a suspected hormone-disrupting chemical used in polycarbonate plastic, from which most baby bottles are made.

You can find these safe cuties at your local Whole Foods or on Green to Grows website.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Marc Jacobs for Children...A Must Have!

I'm in LOVE with this new Marc Jacobs line. The prints are delicious and the designs are fabulous! This stylish and chic line of clothing is a total must have for your little fashionista!

Little Marc is available at

The dresses and shirts can be dressed up or down depending on the day you have planned. Which is one of my favorite qualities in Children's clothing and how I shop for my Girls. You can wear the dress to a Easter brunch and add a pair of jeans and flip flops (not any flip-flops mind you, the Jack Rogers sandals in silver are way to cute..also available on Milk Shop.) after the brunch and head off to the zoo or park.

Little Marc..Essential for Spring!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Funky Bunnies

I don’t know about you, but with Easter right around the corner I’m always looking for fun and funky items for My Children’s baskets. With 4 baskets to fill it is increasingly hard to find non-commercial unique items. Especially for my boys, until I discovered these funky bunnies from Blind Assortments available at little guys are perfect and ready to hop out my Children’s baskets!

Several styles are available and for a mere $6.95 adding a few will make anyone’s basket much more fun!

Check out these and all the funky, fun and modern items Yoya Mart has to offer!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Chick Chat....Fabulous

Chick Chat clothing is AWESOME and just for girls! You have to check out their incredible clothing, perfect for Spring and Summer.

Chick Chat is clothing is inspired by comfort but this line does not lack style. I love it when I can find clothes for my Children that are comfy and allow them to play and do what they do best…be kids and still look fabulous! Chick Chat comes in sizes 2-14 and has many different styles to choose from. You can grab their short sleeve tee, skirt and clam diggers underneath and your set to go. You can even shop by layered style in their ready “sets” go online shop. I cannot tell you how much I’m adoring this fantastic line of Children’s apparel, one of my new favorite’s and a must have for your Couture princess. Plus it's a Celebrity favorite You purchase Chick Chat here

All pictures property of Chick Chat.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A pirate's life for me

If your house is anything like mine, Pirate’s are a huge favorite. From pirate clothing, costumes and toys. Everything & anything pirate is a must-have.

Enter Chasing-fireflies, a extraordinary online boutique. Chasing Fireflies has Costumes, (awesome pirate one’s), Fabulous high end clothing, Toys, Bedding even Custom cakes you can order thru them from a Napa, CA Bakery.
One of my favorite Pirate items are the handcrafted dolls by Kathe Kruse®. My Daughter has the girl pirate and she LOVES it! These dolls are beautiful and totally worth it.

When you have a 2 year old running around with her Kathe Kruse® pirate girl and repeating “ARR” every second, you know you have made a fun purchase.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Make Room for This...

What can I even say about this delicious brand of Children’s clothing.
LOVE IT! It is even more fantastic then the pictures show. Another one of my most favorite designers. You Couture Kid will definitely stand out from the rest wearing Room Seven.
The Spring 2008 line is just divine and fabulous. I can honestly saw I do not have one particular favorite piece, I just love all of it. The prints are combined together for the perfect distinctive look. This brand it truly unique and not to mention, (because I always want to know) it washes perfect!
Room Seven has Babies, Girls, Boys, Diaper Bags and Bedding and let me tell you in case you already did not know it is all remarkable.
You can view the complete line at Please check out, this adorable Boutique has a very large selection of Room Seven and several other fabulous must-have's for your Couture Kids!
All pictures property of Room Seven.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Lucky You...Lucky Kid

Another one of my favorite's this spring is Lucky Kid When I first saw this online I knew my Children's closets would be filled with Lucky this spring & summer. I did not expect it to be even more fantastic in person!

I went to the Lucky Kid Store this weekend and I fell I fell in love with the entire clothing line, boys, and girls’ toddler--All fantastic. I have bought some Lucky Kid for my Children, but I normally just buy it for me. (This is where I will mention, the women’s line is equally fabulous)

The prints are eye-catching and of course Lucky the fabric. Lucky is much more urban that other brands I purchase, but there is just something about this line that it truly a must have! So, for my second favorite for spring/summer 2008 is Lucky Kid. Take a peek you will love it! It is a perfect pick for your Couture Kid!

All pictures property of Lucky brand.

Friday, February 22, 2008

This little light of mine....

When I needed a nightlight for my Children I looked and looked, and I finally found this awesome product!
I LOVE IT and it is sure to be a hit with your Couture Kids as well!
The TykeLight by Mobi is perfect! It does not get hot like most nightlights--so that feature sold me first, but it also gives a lovely little glow. Perfect for kids rooms and the midnight trips to the bathroom or parents room after a bad dream. Perfect for a nightlight or playtime. The TykeLight is rechargeable and totally safe. During the day the little guy recharges on the plug-in base and lasts up to 10 hours on each charge. Impact resistant plastic which makes it safe & durable and a must have for the nursery or kids rooms! Retails for 24.95, comes in 6 different colors and is available at
For more information take a peek at the MOBI website.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Petit Patapon...Perfect for Spring!

Since Spring is around the corner I thought I would begin my Spring Fashion Review. I decided to start with Petit Patapon This has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. They offer the most delicious fabric and prints I have ever seen. The Clothing wears and washes well and matches perfect with everything, from Old Navy shorts to 7 for all mankind denim skirts. Please take a peek at their website you will love what you see. The Girls and Boys clothing is equally fabulous and the sizing ranges from Layette to 12 years. Which is also another reason I truly love this brand, Finding quality clothing for my 8 year old Son and 7 year old Daughter is a true treat to our closets. All clothing is available on Petit Patapon's website.

All pictures property of Petit Patapon

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Infinitee shirts...Just delicious!

I'm a huge fan of adorable tee's on babies and kids and I noticed this brand today on myspace. Infinitee shirts are "born of the streets od Brooklyn and come from the observations and life lessons of Adam and Sam Scheer, father and 4 year old son."

The designs are as original as your kids and sure to be a hit on the playground, playdate or shopping with Mommy.

Infinitee brand tee shirts and other fabulous items for your Couture kids are available at the most adorable online boutique The Black Wagon

The Black Wagon also carries bioME 5 Organic Tees, Small Paul, Kukunest Bedding & their adorable selection of Giddy Giddy hair clips.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Rockin' the Couture

I must say, this brand is one of my favorites. Crib Rock Couture tee's are fabulous. My Daughter's each have the "Lil miss muffet" pink tees and we LOVE them. I decided to write about this company today after I took my Daughter's Crib Rock tee out of the wash for the 50th time this morning and as I hung it to dry I noticed it looks just like the first time we washed it. No fading, no piling, it basically ROCKS! Stains come out everytime and I just adore this brand. I will be ordering more tee's this spring and I can't wait for them to come!

My favorite clothing on my Daughter now is adorable tees and her true religion jeans...that is our style at the moment and when we wear our Crib Rock tee's we always get complement....I mean how could you not want to purchase Crib Rock Couture's tees, for one they are celebrity favorite's and with a slogan like "The tee that makes nursery rhymes ROCK! Word to your Mother Goose."

Take a peek at the website, it is adorable and funny!