Monday, October 20, 2008

The best hair Clips..ever

I have to admit this one fact, I'm addicted to buying hair clips for my Daughter's..How can anyone not have huge collections of hair clips??

The No slippy hair Clippy has been my favorite for years and they keep getting better. You can find any design you can think of on their website and they quality is amazing. I truly love the no slippy hair clippy company, they make my daughter's hair a bit more beautiful!

Available at

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Couture Aprons make everything more fun!

This adorable apron even makes ME want to cook. From the boutique brand "Lucy and Michael". Perfect for cooking all the holiday cookies with Mom and fantastic for art projects. I wish schools would require fashionable aprons for children rather then the primary color unflattering one's they have now..(yuck)

These awesome aprons (boys and girls alike) are available at

along with several other adorable must-haves...such as their fabulous play tents.