Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to School...ready, set, SHOP!

The sales right now are fierce and if you make your move correctly you can score some new designer clothing for your couture kiddos! Some of the places to heck right now,,,,, and when they go back to school it's still summer weather so a cute Catimini Girls Spirit Ethnique Ruffle Top from Little Luna Blue for under 30 bucks is a steal. Boys shorts at Abercrombie for 17.75 is something to brag about and cute ruffle tanks from Crew cuts for under $13.00 is just plan's perfect!
Now get to shopping, those couture kids gotta go back to school looking cool! ;)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Time to's Halloween...

Fabulous costumes for fabulous kids.....

One of my favorite online and catalog boutiques is Chasing fireflies. costume division "Wishcraft" is THE best place to buy your Children's Halloween costumes. Star Wars, Princesses, Ghosts.They have the most fabulous clothing for Children and this time of year they have the most fabulous costumes. If your looking for a quality costume, that will last the rest of the year (for all the dress-up play dates in kids lives) then this is the place to buy them,\ and while your at it, take a peek at all the awesome fall clothing..since Halloween only lasts one night!

All photos property of Chasing fireflies

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We all know by now Holiday sales were low and now it is time to take
advantage for our Couture kids of course...
With so many sales it is hard to fund where you want to shop...So luckily I have found the best stores....of course you have Neiman Marcus, with a extra 40% off the sale price you cannot go wrong there...I find the Juicy Couture & Little Marc have the best deals right now...
Little Luna blue is having a fantastic sale and when I'm done blogging I will submit my order..Catimini, Oilily all on sale and it is one of the best places to shop for your couture kiddos.
Old navy and Gap also have great sales right now, and what I love about Gap and Old navy is you can mix and match them with boutique brands to create the most stylish look....and save money...
More to come soon....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's that time of the year...Let the shopping begin!

Oh, yes that time! The stress of being (dare I say it) Santa's find the best toys and make all those couture kids in your life filled with happiness on Christmas morning...If this is under the tree (or on the side) your little space loving cuties will be thrilled..move over ugly used cardboard boxes, there is a new clubhouse or should I say rocketship in town...giggle

Could this be anymore adorable? Let your Child's creativity soar with this customizable rocket ship and to top it off it is eco-friendly cardboard that's made of recycled secondary fiber!
Available at

Monday, October 20, 2008

The best hair Clips..ever

I have to admit this one fact, I'm addicted to buying hair clips for my Daughter's..How can anyone not have huge collections of hair clips??

The No slippy hair Clippy has been my favorite for years and they keep getting better. You can find any design you can think of on their website and they quality is amazing. I truly love the no slippy hair clippy company, they make my daughter's hair a bit more beautiful!

Available at

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Couture Aprons make everything more fun!

This adorable apron even makes ME want to cook. From the boutique brand "Lucy and Michael". Perfect for cooking all the holiday cookies with Mom and fantastic for art projects. I wish schools would require fashionable aprons for children rather then the primary color unflattering one's they have now..(yuck)

These awesome aprons (boys and girls alike) are available at

along with several other adorable must-haves...such as their fabulous play tents.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's so easy being green

Although Kermit the frog found that it in fact was not easy being green, I'm surprisingly finding it easy to go green. With adorable bottles like this, you can be green and BPA free in one easy step.

The BPA-free bottles from Green to Grow are amazing. Priced from 7.99 they come in 5 oz and 10 oz size with wide neck and regular neck.

Green to Grow baby bottles are made from PES plastic, which gives them a unique natural golden color. Best of all they are free of phthalates and free of bisphenol A – a suspected hormone-disrupting chemical used in polycarbonate plastic, from which most baby bottles are made.

You can find these safe cuties at your local Whole Foods or on Green to Grows website.